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London Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment in London

Dr de Silva is a specialist private psychiatrist who has over twenty years of experience with managing mental health problems including offering depression treatments in London. She provides bespoke solutions that are tailored to the requirements of the sufferer.

Types of Depression

Around one in every four people will suffer from depression at some point in their life.  The symptoms may range from mild depression that may not require treatment to severe depression that can have a significant effect on the day to day lives of the sufferer and may need medication or hospitalisation. The most common types of depression are clinical depression, bipolar depression and post natal depressions.

Depression Assessment

The initial one hour appointment with Dr de Silva will involve an assessment of your symptoms. If necessary, she will make a diagnosis and then go through the options of treatment with you. Having established your requirements and the right treatments for you, Dr de Silva will create a treatment action plan.

Depression Treatment Length

The treatment that is required to treat depression will depend on the type and the severity of the depression. Individuals that are diagnosed with mild/medium depression often require between six and ten sessions with a specialist. Depression is complex and effects people in very different ways, so more severe cases could take longer and may require hospitalisation.

Contact for Depression Treatment

For more detailed information about depression treatment in London, please contact Dr de Silva. She aims to offer a personal appointment within two weeks of the initial enquiry, but if you require an earlier date, then Dr de Silva will try her best to accommodate your needs.

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