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London Stress Management

Stress Management in London

Dr de Silva is a leading private psychiatrist who specialises in helping suffers in effective stress management in London. Dr de Silva has practiced in Windsor for over 20 years and has outreach clinics that enable her to practice across Berkshire and London. With a whole wealth of experience, Dr de Silva can offer treats that are designed to meet the individual needs of individuals who require help with stress management in London.

Stress Symptoms

Everybody suffers from stress throughout their everyday life. Stress is caused when an individual is put under too much emotional or mental pressure. The stress response is highly beneficial to individuals as it prepares the body to become more alert to ensure you have the energy to undertake the task at hand.

When stress levels become too high they can affect an individual’s ability to take part in everyday tasks. Severe stress can leave an individual experiencing psychological problems such as feeling anxious or depressed, which can result in panic attacks, altered sleeping patterns or eating problems. In addition, sufferers can also experience physical symptoms including insomnia, perspiration, diarrhoea or aches and pains within the chest region. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then Dr de Silva is here to help with stress management in London.

Individual Stress Assessment

It is important to have an initial consultation that fully focuses on establishing the symptoms of the sufferer. This initial assessment will be one hour long, which will enable Dr de Silva to make a diagnosis if required. Dr de Silva will then create a treatment plan that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual.

Contact Details

If you would like to discuss stress management in London, then please contact Dr de Silva to book an initial assessment appointment. Dr de Silva aims to offer an appointment for stress management in London within two weeks of the initial enquiry. If you require an appointment at an earlier date, then Dr de Silva will try to accommodate.

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