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Dr de Silva has an empathetic holistic approach in her practice and works on a collaborative model with her patients. more

Assessment & Treatment


The first appointment with Dr de Silva will be for a full hour and will include a full initial assessment. This assessment will include any diagnosis if appropriate and a recommended treatment plan designed specifically for that patient. This may include the prescription of medication such as an anti-depressants or medication designed to help with sleeping. A number of   patients feel they do not wish to take any medication and this is something that can be discussed with Dr de Silva. The assessment may also include a referral on to either a psychologist or a   psychotherapist to deliver talking therapies to help address the underlying reasons for the issue that is being faced.

Upon completion of the initial assessment a full report can be sent back to the GP if required. This enables the GP to understand the patients’ treatment plan and to know exactly the medication, if any, that has been prescribed.


The length of time for treatment depends upon the nature and severity of the issue. Many patients require between 6 – 10 sessions with either Dr de Silva or the psychologist or psychotherapist that she has referred the patient to whilst others may require longer term treatment. For those who need to be outside of their home environment to assist with their recovery or require a more intense and structured daily treatment plan, Dr de Silva can treat at either the Priory Hospital in London, Capio Nightingale Hospital in London or at the Cardinal Clinic in Windsor. If someone requires an admission to one of these Hospitals they will stay in their own bedroom with en suite bathroom, have their meals provided and take part in the group psychological programme which can include Raising Self Esteem, Anxiety Management, Self Awareness and more. The group psychological programme is designed to help patients to regain lost confidence and overcome many different mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, Anorexia, OCD and addictions.


Anxiety, Addictions, Bi polar disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, Obesity, Stress, Women’s mental health

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