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Eating Disorder Support

eating disordersWhat is an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are where there is a significant disturbance in the way that someone deals with food, weight and body image. There are three main types of eating disorders:

Anorexia Nervosa
This is where a person has a strong fear or disgust of putting on weight. Often sufferers will restrict their food intake, may use laxatives or exercise intensely until their weight is at an unhealthy level.The results of anorexia can be detrimental to both the physical and psychological health of the sufferer. Often food and weight become one of the most important aspects in a sufferers life with consequences to both oneself and friends and family.

Bulimia Nervosa
Bulimia often has cycles of binge eating, which is often done in secret, and feelings of guilt or shame at the food that has been eaten and so find ways to get rid of the food. This can be vomiting, laxatives, over exercising or periods of starvation

Binge Eating
Suffers of binge eating often eat vast amounts in one sitting and feel a loss of control over their eating pattern. This disorder is different to bulimia nervosa as often sufferers do not vomit or purge their bodies, instead sit with their guilt over the amount of food that has been consumed.

Body image is often a large issue for anyone suffering with an eating disorder and alongside the work of the eating disorder team will often be education and work on understanding their body image.

Many sufferers can be treated as outpatients with regular sessions with an Eating Disorder Consultant Psychiatrist such as Dr de Silva or by her team of Psychologists, specialist nurses and dieticians, depending on the severity of the illness, some severe sufferers may require an admission to an eating disorder unit within a hospital. Dr de Silva has arrangements with the leading private eating disorder hospitals to ensure that you have rapid access to the correct treatment facility for you should this be required. For those who are extremely under weight and who require tube refeeding, Dr de Silva also have access to these speicalist facilities as well.

Family involvement

Eating disoders can put a lot of strain on families and it is often very difficult to know how to be with your loved one, we ensure there is significant emphasis upon family work to ensure continued recovery upon discharge from a hospital and to help the families through the emotional period in their loved ones life.

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