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Women's Mental Health

depressed girlMental health is an essential part of our overall health, therefore it is important to take care of your mind and body. Good mental health gives you a sense of well-being, strength and confidence and helps you to enjoy life.

Research shows that problems like depression and anxiety are 2-3 times as common in women as compared to men and eating disorders are 10 times as common in women, alcohol and substance misuse problems too are increasingly seen in women. These problems tend to occur in the childbearing period in a woman’s life therefore they have a great impact not only on the person but also on her family.

Women have unique emotional and psychological problems during the course of their life cycle, during puberty, marriage, childbearing, separation, and aging.

Life has its ups and downs. Traumatic events such as illness, death, loss of job, domestic violence, and sexual assault can affect you emotionally. Events that bring you joy like relationships, promotions at work, having a baby, buying a new house can also cause stress. As women’s role in families and in society as a whole is different to men the effect of these problems is also different Women have to take on multiple roles, make difficult career choices, and getting the right balance between work and family can be sometimes difficult.

Physical problems can also affect mental health. Hormonal changes around puberty, menstruation, child birth, menopause and specific illnesses like cancer, strokes can also cause depression.

A combination of several different factors, genes, hormones, brain chemicals, lifecycle changes, stress and physical problems can cause symptoms. Feeling sad and anxious during periods of stress can be quite normal, but some people have enduring symptoms which make it difficult for them to function. The symptoms can take different forms, anger, excessive worry, substance misuse, eating disorders, severe depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts.

A full assessment taking into account gender issues and socio cultural issues is important. Treatment includes general measures like improving sleep, nutrition, activity levels and specific treatment. As an interaction of many different factors can lead to mental health problems in women sometimes several specialists covering different areas of expertise have to work together to provide this treatment.


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