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Dr de Silva has an empathetic holistic approach in her practice and works on a collaborative model with her patients. more

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Consultant Psychiatrist London

Dr de Silva is a specialist consultant psychiatrist in London who has over twenty extensive years of experience within the mental health practice. She can offer her expertise in a broad range of psychiatric areas including addiction, anxiety, depression, obesity and stress.

The professional London psychiatric services provided by Dr de Silva have helped many people overcome their problems. She uses evidence based effective treatments from the initial assessment, diagnosis, right thorough to the development of a personalised treatment plan.

Dr de Silva creates the psychiatric treatment plan by thoroughly discussing the many different treatment options with the patient. She then creates an individually tailored plan that meets the specific needs of the patient.

Dr de Silva is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists who has a specialist interest in eating disorders and other related addictions and obesity. She offers her London private psychiatrist treatments to adult suffers and adolescents from the age of sixteen.

London Private Psychiatrist Treatments:

Consultant Psychiatrist London

Dr de Silva currently practises as a private consultant psychiatrist in London at Harley Street. If you feel Dr de Silva can help you, then please contact her by telephone or by email to arrange a psychiatric consultation in London.

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Anxiety, Addictions, Bi polar disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, Obesity, Stress, Women’s mental health

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